If you have joint pain, then you might agree that winter is a difficult time of year.

When the cold air sets in, it can make chronic joint pain even more agonizing to deal with. Everything is more stiff, tender, and achy during this season.

Heating pads

A wheat bag which you warm up in the microwave is the most convenient. It takes about 2-3 minutes to warm up, then you can easily put it anywhere without needing an outlet to plug it in. This is convenient for when you are at the table or working at my desk.

Moist heat penetrates the skin and muscles deeper, so you will feel a more soothing heat for your painful joints.


Start wearing layers. Anytime you step outside in the cold air, joints start to ache. Layering maintains heat and acts as a form of insulation.

When you go outside in the winter, layer up- and don’t forget gloves.

Keeping your head covered is important, too.

Soothing baths

Soaking in hot water really gets joints moving on cold winter mornings.

Add Epsom Salts to a bath, along with some essential oils.

If you don’t have a bathtub, a nice warm shower first thing in the morning is also helpful. The steam in the bathroom, plus the warm water, can get your body moving.


This is probably a tip you have heard many times, but never realize how powerful stretching can be.

Stretching exercises three to five times a week to help improve the flexibility around affected joints.

Warm Drinks

Warm drinks of any kind can have soothing effects in the winter.

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