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Foot pain is uncomfortable in almost any form. But the type of foot pain you’re experiencing, or where the pain seems to be located, can tell you a lot about what’s causing it.

Pain in heel

Some foot pain at night occurs in the bottom of your heel. This may make standing or walking on the foot more painful. You may also experience stinging, shooting pain when you get out of bed.

Pain in the heel may be the result of poor shoe supports or overworked muscles in the feet. In these cases, the foot may be throbbing and tender.

In the case of a pinched nerve, the heel pain may be sharp and stinging, and it may come and go.

Big toe pain

The bones and joint of the big toe take a pounding on any given day as a result of walking, standing, running, and other activities that put weight on your feet.

This can lead to painful inflammation and swelling in and around the toe.

Bunion pain

Bunions are bony bumps that develop at the joint of your big toe. These are often visible on the side of your feet.

These growths can be uncomfortable when you’re walking or wearing shoes. At night, they can cause throbbing pain and soreness.

Pain in other toes

Your middle toes are prone to burning and tingling, as the nerves that lead to them are impacted by stress and pressure.

Sometimes, toes might also feel numb if the nerves are pinched.

Pain when lying down

Nocturnal leg cramps are muscle cramps that occur while you’re asleep or lying down. You may feel them in your calves and thighs.

Night-time foot cramps are related. They cause a painful shooting achiness in your feet. The pain can also travel up the foot into the ankle and lower leg.

Peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy causes tingling and burning that results from damage to nerves in your extremities, like your feet.

People with this nerve damage may also experience stabbing, shooting pain. Numbness is also a common symptom.





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