Sitting up on their own can be such a big milestone for a little one. It’s amazing how they go from leaning all over you to becoming a bit of a weeble wobble to all of a sudden they can sit independently and are reaching for and playing with toys. I know it doesn’t happen that way for everyone but  these tips should be able to be used by many!


  • Laundry Basket- Have your little one sit in a laundry basket. That may sound silly but there are supports all around them that they can lean on and then come back up to the middle, as well as use their hands to help them. You can adjust the orientation so they are front to back the long way or the short way. It will just change if you are helping them more with forward and back balance or side to side balance. If you little one needs a little more support you can put pillows in to narrow their circumference for swaying. This trick can also be used for sitting in the bathtub! Make sure you are there with them and don’t leave them alone sitting in this. If you don’t have a laundry basket handy you can try a larger cardboard box as well.

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