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Step + Stride Podiatry offers treatments which include the assessment of existing toenail conditions (ingrown and fungal toenail cutting ), diabetic footcare management, as well as corns, callus, athletes foot, verrucae and bunion pain treatment.

Fallen arches, flat feet, knee/hip pain and gait abnormality issues are addressed, with gait analysis also provided. An orthotics assessment and prescription service is included with sports injuries (heel spurs, tendonitis and plantar fasciitis ) also regularly assessed and treated.

A biomechanical assessment, which analyses walking patterns is also included in the service with relevant footwear and exercise programme advice provided. Such knowledge will greatly assist with general foot, knee and back pain.

With adults and children catered for, the clinic stocks a range of competitively priced products to assist with foot problems which may occur – fallen arches, ankle pain, hammer toes, calloused feet, painful bunions and ingrown toenails. Many of these orthotics can help realign the foot and in turn, can reduce ankle, foot, knee, hip and back pain.


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