Back to school checklist

– haircut
– winter uniform
– school shoes
? sports shoes

If your child is into sports whether it be football, rugby, netball, tennis etc, their shoes will be their companion for months of training. If you watch sport on TV, you won’t see players wearing just any kind of shoes. They make sure to wear the right footwear for that particular sporting activity. For them, it can make a difference than just wearing ordinary running shoes.
However, for people who aren’t involved in some athletic activities, footwear is something that’s for general use, whether running, walking, and playing sports.
Thus, one of the best practices in playing sports is wearing proper footwear specific to the kind of games one plays.
Because of this, you’ll find several variations of footwear in shoe shops. When it comes to types and brands specialist shoe shops have more than you can count and choose from. Each shoe design caters to a specific sport.
Whether you play sports for fun or do it as a career, it’s crucial to select the right footwear.
If you are wanting advice on footwear, or your child is complaining of foot related pain, call us today.
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