Today is International Podiatry Day.


At Resonance we offer comprehensive assessment and treatment in all aspects of podiatry, for all ages; to relieve pain and discomfort, rehabilitate from injury and improve day to day function and mobility.

Whatever your concern, we are committed to getting you back on track!


If you are suffering from sore feet no matter what the cause, under Level 3 we are able to see you for urgent care.


Urgent care is defined as:

  • a condition which is life or limb threatening; or
  • treatment required to maintain the basic necessities of life; or
  • treatment that cannot be delayed or carried out remotely without risk of significant harm or permanent and/or significant disability, or
  • where failure to access services will lead to an acute deterioration of a known condition; or
  • where delay in access to services will impact the consumer’s ability to maintain functional independence and significantly negatively impact quality of life


  • which cannot be delivered by a service which is currently operating or by clinicians that are already in contact with the patient for ongoing care.


If you have a foot problem, or are in pain, call us today.


Please remember, if you do attend any appointments:

– You will be sent some information prior to your appointment

– You will need to scan in using the Covid-19 QR code when entering the clinic

– Please come to your appointment alone, or only with a single support person

– Please bring a mask to wear in the clinic

– Please call us and reschedule if you are sick


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