The foot is a complex machine and if the muscles, bones, joints or ligaments become inflamed it can be painful and debilitating – you may experience intense pain, numbness or a tingly foot.

Your pain may have many different underlying causes, including over-use from too much walking or running, while footwear without the right support may also cause havoc. Then there are stress injuries, including stress fractures, not to mention sprains, strains and other common ailments like plantar fasciitis which is difficult to identify and to treat.

I haven’t even mentioned Achilles tendinitis, which occurs when the Achilles is sore or inflamed and often takes some time to settle down, or arthritis, which is also common in feet.

As you can see, there’s a host of potential problems, making foot pain among the most challenging to diagnose and to recover from. But what are some possible solutions?


The right diagnosis

The foot is a complicated structure and finding the cause of pain is not always straightforward. It’s important to see a professional rather than hope the pain will go away because foot pain can be long-lived and require treatment before it improves.

An accurate diagnosis by a Podiatrist is the most important first step.


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