Resonance Step + Stride Podiatry now offering home visits.


At this point in time, we understand that there may be some of you who are unable to venture out due to COVID-19, yet wish to have your feet attended too.

Resonance Step + Stride Podiatry is now offering a Home Visit Service.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than sore feet, so we are here to help. Corns, callus, problematic toenails, sore feet are the last thing you want when cooped up at home, so why not book a Home Visit Podiatry appointment today?

Our main priority is that of the health and safety of everyone, so we do ask that if you have recently  travelled, been exposed to someone who has recently travelled, or have are feeling unwell, we will unfortunately have to decline or postpone a visit.

Whilst we have a well implemented hygiene policy year round, in light of recent public health concerns, we will be taking extra measures during home visits. We will require any other individuals who may be present to complete a form- this is for the protection of all concerned, should there be an issue.

Our clinic is still open for those who are able to venture out.


Call us now to book your Podiatry Home Visit Service on 09 212 9612, or 0800 473 776.