When your son or daughter goes through what is commonly called a “growth spurt,” he or she could be more vulnerable to sports injuries if precautions are not taken. That’s because a child’s bone growth usually outpaces similar development in the ligaments and tendons that serve as connective tissues for the joints.

Ligaments and tendons take longer so our bones grow longer, but the rubber bands that are stuck to it, the muscles and tendons, get tighter until they catch up.

Kids active in sports are vulnerable to injuries — particularly those with a focus on one activity, without proper training.

During growth spurts, “growth plates” develop. These are areas of new bone growth in children and teens made up of cartilage, the rubbery material most obviously found in the nose. Overuse injuries, also known as “repetitive stress injuries” can affect the growth plate in kids and teens. This combined with the tightness can cause growth plate injuries or other injuries associated with rapid growth.

Athletes doing a lot of running or jumping can hurt cartilage areas in their knees and cause pain in the front of their knees. At Resonance Step + Stride Podiatry we see some sports are causing a bit more than others depending on the patient’s age and how long they’re doing the sport.


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