It’s important to develop your children’s fundamental movements and activity skills from an early age, so they have the confidence and competence to apply this to any activity or sport when they are older.

As a child grow’s they develop at different stages they start to crawl and shuffle, they learn to coordinate their limbs to climb, walk and run. During these stages they experience trips, falls, clumsiness, walking on their toes, knock knees, flat feet, double jointed. As they progress through each period their muscles and joints grow stronger and more stable but in some instances children can experience musculoskeletal pain, growing pains,

At Step + Stride Podiatry we can offer a biomechanical assessment which looks at the alignment of their joints from the tip of their toes to their pelvis. Assessing the range of movement and flexibility. We can offer advice and support if it’s helping to stabilise or strengthen muscle or joints with an exercise plan. If its foot problems we can offer bespoke insoles (orthotics) that can help with over pronation (painful flat feet) or knee pain.

Recognising that something isn’t quite right can be concerning. We play a large role in the improvement of function and quality of life in children’s gait and lower limb conditions.



Our children’s feet grow so fast, it can seem like we’re forever buying replacement shoes. But it’s because their feet are changing at such a rapid rate that it’s important to provide shoes that offer protection and support. Children have suffered injuries by wearing shoes that are either too small or unsuitable for young feet.

As Podiatrists we recommend parents have their children’s feet measured and their everyday shoes fitted by a professional. For a young child their foot changes happen very quickly, and parents should aim to get their feet measured every few months. This would be particularly important during growth spurts.

Pressure from shoes can cause blisters, even corns if the shoe fits incorrectly. Pressure and ill cutting of the nail can cause in-growing toenails especially when the big toe curls up.

If its swimming they love and you notice the skin texture changes on the soles of their feet, it can be anything from a fungal infection of athlete’s foot to verruca let us assess and see what treatment is best.

Whatever your little ones need leave it to the professionals Step + Stride Podiatry.

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