Ever wondered why your toenails look funny or discoloured?

Fungal nails present as a discoloured nail with patches or streaks of white, yellow or brown and These nails often look thickened than normal nail and often become quite crumbly. While these symptoms can be common, it is often hard to distinguish the difference between a fungal nail and other pathologies.

Resonance Step + Stride Podiatry are proud to offer the DIAFACTORY on the spot dermatophyte testing procedure which can be completed inside a standard consult to determine whether or not your nail has a fungal infection. In as little as a few short minutes, you will have peace of mind as to what’s going on with your toenail.

The quick fungal nail test Diafactory test negates wasted time. Takes just 5 minutes to get a result. It is 97% accurate and detects 99% of common fungal dermatophytes.


As Podiatrists we can now find out at the time of your consultation if you have a fungal infection or not and to be able to provide accurate treatment recommendations without the guess work.

Book and appointment today if you are concerned about your toenail.

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