With summer approaching, nothing can throw a wrench into your plans for more activity than some nagging foot pain. Pain in the feet can take on a variety of types and intensities, all with the potential to keep you side-lined from doing the things you like. Aside from the pain, the lack of mobility can lead to higher blood pressure, weight gain, and increased inflammation.

Sore feet can strike your fitness hard, leaving you in pain and lacking the motivation to get out and live the life you want. A few of the main causes, however, might be a relatively easy fix but go beyond your typical pain-relief regimen.

One cause is a condition called plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation at the back of the foot. The plantar is essentially a big thick band at the heel of your foot that’s largely there to soften the blow of walking, while also supplying support to the arch of your foot. But if you’re an avid walker or wear shoes that lack excellent arch support or cushioning, it can become inflamed and lead to some severe pain.

If you notice pain in your heel, take a few days to rest and ice the area. Also, perform some stretches to target your calves and Achilles tendon. Check to see how worn your shoes are, and, if needed, get new ones. A foot orthoses may also be required, so visiting a Resonance Podiatrist is recommended.

Another common cause of foot pain is blisters, which can be a huge activity deterrent. Blisters can form rather easily when you switch shoes or start walking more frequently, quickly becoming a massive irritant. For those of you that are patient, applying a bandage to the area may be enough to quell the pain before the affected area toughens up. On the other hand, you may need some shoes that fit better or select socks that limit rubbing. Cutting your toenails can also reduce the risk of blisters.

To prevent blister infection, change your socks after activities that cause your feet to sweat. The moisture can encourage bacterial growth and contribute to the pain and duration of a blister.

Don’t let sore feet stop you from staying active this summer. Most causes of foot pain have rather simple fixes, and might be as quick as buying a new pair of shoes targeted towards your lifestyle. If problems persist or pain worsens after making adjustments, talk to a doctor. You could be dealing with a larger issue like a stress fracture.

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