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Foot pain is problematic for millions of people every day, from dull, throbbing aches to sharp, stinging sensations.

For some people, foot pain only occurs at night or when they’re asleep. This can interrupt sleep and make high-quality sleep difficult.

Affected by foot pain at night? Read on to find out some common causes and how best to treat each condition. In many cases, a few home remedies can ease foot pain at night, but you may need to see a Resonance Podiatrist.

1. Plantar fasciitis

The tissue that runs from the front of your foot, through the arch and into the heel, is called the plantar fascia. When it’s stressed or stretched, it can cause foot pain and inflammation in a condition called plantar fasciitis.

Common causes include:

  • Flat feet
  • High arches
  • obesity
  • tight calf muscles
  • standing long hours on your feet without proper support

Plantar fasciitis pain is usually worse in the morning.

2. Morton’s neuroma

This is a painful condition caused by pinching or inflammation around the nerves in your toes. This pinching can lead to sensations like burning and shooting pain.

Pain with this condition isn’t necessarily worse at night-time. But the pain can persist throughout the day, especially when you walk or put pressure on your feet.

People with Morton’s neuroma frequently have:

  • flat feet
  • high arches
  • bunions
  • hammer toe


3. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a person’s body processes calcium differently. This change in calcium levels can lead to leg and foot cramps and tenderness.

4. Diabetes

High levels of blood sugar can damage the central nervous system over time. This includes the nerves in your feet.

As the damage worsens, symptoms including foot pain and tingling can become worse.

5. Fibromyalgia

This is a chronic condition that causes widespread pain and stiffness. This includes pain in the feet and other areas that may frequently experience pressure and overuse.

At night, low levels of the anti-inflammatory hormone cortisol may make pain worse.

6. Pinched nerves

Compression of some nerves in your ankle can cause tarsal tunnel syndrome. Compression of the sciatic in your back and legs can cause foot pain, too.

In both cases, the pressure on these nerves tends to be worse at night, which leads to increased pain.

7. Lifestyle factors

Many episodes of foot pain can be traced back to things like how you walk, how you sit, and the shoes you wear.

Lifestyle factors that might contribute to foot pain include:

  • sitting for long periods of time
  • standing, walking, or running for long periods of time
  • improper shoe support
  • sleeping in certain positions
  • weight

8. Foot anatomy

Some people experience more foot pain at night because of the structure of their feet.

People with high arches and those with flat feet are more impacted by conditions that can lead to foot pain.


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