With a serious lack of awareness regarding children’s foot health, studies have now reported that every 3 out of 4 children in the world go through some sort of undiagnosed foot disorder. If ignored, untreated or undiagnosed, many foot disorders have the potential of turning into a serious disability in the future.

Resonance Step + Stride Podiatry provide many services and efficiently diagnoses and treats an array of foot issues including children’s flatfoot disorders, heel pain, toe walking, bunions in children, in-toeing and out-toeing, ingrown toenails, postural problems, planter warts and more.

We often don’t realize it but children are twice more prone to biomechanical disorders as compared to adults. This puts them at a higher risk for foot disorders that could cause serious issues later in life.

Here at Resonance Step + Stride Podiatry, not only are we offering specialised services for kids, but adults too.

We are passionate about helping all children live a healthier life.


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