What are the symptoms?

Typical symptoms include a bump on the side or top of foot, pain, swelling, pressure and/or numbness.

Symptoms tend to worsen when toes are crowded or when standing for long periods.

What causes them?

While constrained footwear or standing for long periods may aggravate or accelerate your condition, your bunion is more likely caused by genetic predisposition, or biomechanical imbalance.

How are they diagnosed?

During a clinical exam, your Podiatrist will carry out an in-depth assessment and send you for an X-ray your foot to determine the severity of your condition.

What if I do nothing?

During the early stages, your pain can be managed, but it will typically worsen and you may develop some additional symptoms, including arthritis, calluses, toe cross-over, hammertoes, bone spurs and pain in the ball of the foot.



What are my treatment options?

Non-surgical or conservative treatments

These treatments are designed to keep you more comfortable, but will not address the root cause. Conservative treatments include toe spacers, pads/splints or inserts/orthotics.



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