Does Your Child Need New Shoes?

While it can often be painfully obvious that your child’s shoes have seen better days – sometimes it is not quite that apparent. Although most kids will grow out of their shoes before they actually wear out, you still need to keep a close eye on the condition of their shoes – especially as your child gets older and growth slows.

Does Your Child Need New Shoes

The first and probably most important thing to be aware of is the condition of the heel counter or back of the shoe. If this is overly flexible, bent or loose when your child puts it on – then it’s time the shoes were replaced.

Secondly, check the heel treads. When you start to see wear, look closely to see if there is any uneven wear – if there is, then a new pair of shoes is required because your child will no longer be walking on a stable, flat surface – and all sorts of injuries and problems could arise.

Checking that laces are not thread-bare and that the fabric of the shoes is not starting to wear is also important when it comes to supporting and protecting their feet.

If you feel your child’s shoes are wearing out too quickly, book an appointment with one of our Resonance Podiatrists.

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